Private labeling, branding, design, and development of new products and services are among the primary activities of iCsquared GmbH.

iCsquared GmbH together with its Milano-based sister company Studio d'löl develops the following brands:

- MA'DUOMO is an Italian-registered trade-mark of iCsquared GmbH which has many product ranges to import, export, and cross-border operations in the different sales markets. MA'DUOMO Collezioni includes basmati rice from India, calrose rice from the USA, black rice (Riso Nero Venere Integrale) and pasta from Italy, Himalayan pink salt from Pakistan, canned and processed marinated mushrooms from Poland, olives and olive oil from Greece, 100% BIO pomegranate juice and organic hazelnuts from Azerbaijan, sunflower oil and olive oil infusions from Ukraine/Canada, sunflower seeds and nuts from the UAE, Caspian Caviar and Zagatala Truffle and Caspian Cost Winery and AZROSE Rose, Lavender, Peppermint, Wormwood oils from Azerbaijan and many others. MA'DUOMO is about the integration of foods, food packaging, art, and culture. 

- WASSERSTEIN is a Swiss-registered trade-mark of iCsquared GmbH which covers glass bottled water, alcohol, juice, and other beverages. 

- ARABICANA is a Middle-East registered trade-mark which iCsquared GmbH and Studio d'löl jointly develops sunflower, corn, olive oil ranges, basmati rice, calrose rice, fruits juices, personal care, and hygiene products, including sterilized facial tissues, kitchen towels, toilet papers, baby and adult diapers, and few others.

- GRAND'O is an Italian-registered trade-mark that aimed to cover the CIS markets with pasta, olive, and olive oil and a few other product categories.