Peanuts Direct Export from Argentina to Azerbaijan ...


Today, H.E. Sergio Perez Gunella, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to the Republic of Azerbaijan visited iCsquared GmbH’s ILYASOGULLARI Peanuts Processing Facility (IP2F) in Baku, Azerbaijan, and witnessed imported Argentinian blanched peanuts processing stages at the ILP2F.

This direct export from Argentina to Azerbaijan is a result of hard teamwork of iCsquared GmbH Switzerland, iCsquared GmbH Azerbaijan, Embassy of Argentina in Azerbaijan, Chamber of Peanuts of Argentina (CAM), HT NUTS Argentina, MANISEL S.A. Argentina, ServaGroup Argentina, MANÍ DE CÓRDOBA ArgentinaSHORDEN APS Denmark, MA’DUOMO Italy, and ILYASOGULLARI MMC Azerbaijan.

The first party of blanched peanuts which was successfully imported directly from Argentina to Azerbaijan is distributed by iCsquared GmbH Azerbaijan and its main local partner ILAYSOGULLARI MMC at the wholesalers’ sector and chocolate factories in Azerbaijan.

iCsquare GmbH Azerbaijan is one of the leading importers, distributors, and suppliers of peanuts from Uzbekistan, Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua, Turkey, China, and India and the company is working intensively with Argentinian Embassy in Baku to initiate Azerbaijan Peanuts Plantation & Processing Project (A4P) with Argentinian know-how and experience to start local plantation of peanuts and processing facilities in Azerbaijan, which consistently will replace import and develop local production and boost the export. The company has signed 2-years contracts with leading chocolate factories: ULDUZ and SHIRIN in Azerbaijan to supply them with high-quality imported peanuts.

iCsquared GmbH Azerbaijan is planning to start the import of Argentinian chandler walnuts, dried apricots, dried prunes as well as famous Argentinian wines, mainly  Malbec from the Province of Mendoza. Very soon, Malbec will be on the shelves of gourmet and wine stores like Port Baku Bazar, GurMania, and Premium Gourmet Market as well as at 5-star hotels and chic restaurants in Baku city, Azerbaijan.

Argentina is of the top-10 peanuts exporters in the world. This season, 70-75% of EU peanuts are imported from Argentina. The productivity is higher than in other countries due to the innovative harvesting and processing technologies implemented by Argentinian specialists.