Partnership with Spanish Gluten-Free EOS Nutri Solutions ....


iCsquared GmbH started cooperation with Spanish EOS Nutri Solutions in the CIS, MENA, and EU markets. 

EOS foods only contain healthy ingredients that provide our body with a real benefit. Top-quality ingredients, functional, tasty, and of 100% natural origin give the food perfect results. 

Veganism is a lifestyle that is gaining more and more followers, be it for ethical, environmental, or health reasons. For this reason, food brands strive to produce products that are not only vegan or "plant-based", but also have healthy properties for the consumer and include all the essential nutrients that your body needs. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle mass, a vegan diet supports both goals!

At EOS you will find vegan bars based on nuts, cereals, and fruit, as well as a wide range of smoothies and shakes without any ingredient of animal origin. The entire EOS range is certified "Gluten-Free", so you can enjoy all of our healthy products!

EOS Healthy Foods Made 100% in Spain.