German AUER Plastic Pallets for BRAVO Supermarket...


iCsquared GmbH supplies the German AUER Plastic Pallets for BRAVO Supermarket

30 years ago, AUER Packaging made it their mission to optimize the storage and transport of solid and liquid goods using high-quality plastic products – a mission that continues to this day. Thanks in no small part to AUER's valuable customer relationships, AUER has been able to constantly expand its expertise in the area of plastic storage and transport media over the years, improving and developing its products step by step.

All AUER products are exclusively “Made in Germany”, making this more than just an advertising slogan for AUER. The company endeavors to make the world a little bit better day after day with its practical and innovative products. From individual orders to buying in bulk, from pails to large-load carrying systems, from traditional bakers to major firms – every single customer can count on our exceptional service and outstanding product quality.

BRAVO Supermarket is one of the most trusted foods and non-food retail chain in Azerbaijan, staying connected to the national values and enhancing prices in the country.