Azerbaijan organic hazelnuts will be exported to the Swiss market


iCsquared GmbH in collaboration with SAnattura Import Export Trading Company Ltd. of Azerbaijan, Nutsoil LLC of Azerbaijan and SABRUG Import Export Trading VOF of the Netherlands will export Azerbaijan organic hazelnuts to the Swiss, BENELUX, Japan and MENA markets. 

Azerbaijan has all the necessary weather and climatic conditions for the cultivation and production of hazelnuts. Country’s hazelnut orchards are situated in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains in the country’s regions of Qakh, Zagatala, and Balakan. The total production volume of hazelnuts in 2018 is roughly 70.000 metric tons. The number of orchards and hectares of production increases annually by an average of 8-10%.

At present, Azerbaijan is among the world’s top five hazelnut producing countries (along with Turkey, Italy, the United States and Georgia) with about 7% of global hazelnut production.

Azerbaijan produces the following varieties of hazelnuts: Atababa, Ashrafli, Ghalib, Ganja, Sachagly, Topgara and Yagly.

Together with Swiss partners iCsquared GmbH have initiated to establish Swiss-Azerbaijan Hazelnuts Processing and Export Center (SAHPEC) in Azerbaijan to supply leading Swiss companies with Azerbaijan hazelnuts to set preferential prices. The SAHPEC will play an important role for consolidating Azerbaijan hazelnuts for setting Swiss standards to meet EU requirements. There is initial discussions with Baku International Sea Port Authority CJSC to set the SAHPEC at the New Port of Alat FTZ and transport the ready products with Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway via Turkey to Switzerland to bring transportation costs from Azerbaijan to Switzerland sharply down. 

Dutch SABRUG VOF has shown an interest to pack Azerbaijan hazelnuts under his own brand of "Let's Nuts" and export to the BENELUX markets. SANATTURA Organics is planning to pack organic hazelnuts under "SANUT'S" and "O'85" brands for European premium segment.

Now, there is also an intensive discussion with main Swiss retailers as well as chocolate producers to supply Azerbaijan organic hazelnuts to Switzerland. 

Roasted organic hazelnuts of Azerbaijan will be presented to the participants of the National Day of Switzerland which will be held at the Heydar Aliyev Center Park in 11th July, 2019 in Baku City, Azerbaijan.