penta Lines

The Schwyz zentrale netzwerk, regional hubs and city stations operate on the following five lines: p, e, n, t, a:

Line p: waste and waste-water treatment plants, tourism and entertainment facilities, hotels and shopping malls development and construction, roads and railroads projects design, trams installation and railways catering services, city development projects, especially green city concept development, development of new industrial plants, transfer of know-how and advanced technologies, telecoms and ICT infrastructure, networks and data-center services, internet of things, e-commerce, petro-chemicals, medicals, utilities, and others.

Line e: sport events (kitesurfing, hiking, mountain-hiking, marathon and road racing, mountain skiing, F1, and others), catering, music and entertainment events, fashion shows, conferences, forums, symposiums, summits, exhibitions, festivals, bilateral and multilateral business meetings, debates, trade missions, education, summer and winter schools, academic programs, camping, and others.

Line n: customized investment solutions, proactive advisory, market timing, active monitoring and portfolio analysis, direct access to the investment approach, BOO and BOT projects financing, and others.

Line t: import and export of goods and services, cross-border trade, distribution of foods and beverages, supplying of non-merchandise products for retailers and HORECA, retailing, warehousing, show-rooms, boutique and gourmet stores, fitness clubs, logistics and delivery, foods and non-foods products processing and assembling, e-commerce, on-line stores, customizing and private labeling of brands for retail sector and HORECA, representation of global brands in local markets, hotel amenities, bio-, healthy and organics products, and other others.

Line a: designing of private labeled and customized products, branding, rebranding and private-branding services, localizing services, generating new ideas and solutions, sourcing for goods and services, development of new product lines, designing assembling and manufacturing lines, solutions for logistics and import-export transportation operations, and others services.